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Shoot for the CAA

The process for selecting the Cambridgeshire squad

The selection process takes into account long term performance. The squad selection will be made by the Team Manager primarily, but may also include input from the CAA Records Officer. The selection will be made by looking at current scores achieved (indoors and outdoors) along with potential for the future.


If you wish to be considered for the Cambridgeshire squad you need to:

  1. Hold a 1st class ( or above ) classification
  2. Submit scores from competitions to:
  3. Ensure you are available for the county competitions: dates will be published on the CAA website as soon as they have been confirmed.


Team selection will be made 4 weeks prior to a competition and applicants will be informed as to the selection outcome by email. The prime source of information for the selection committee will be competition results that have been submitted and any CAA records. However, commitment and potential will also be taken into account.


I am hoping the team will be able to meetup at least twice over the winter season so as to get to know each other and help prepare for competitions over the coming year. Both the county team bonding sessions and county matches will dependent on venues and clubs willing to host these events and matches.


Please note that being part of the team in previous years does not entitle you to a place on the squad. An archers performance changes throughout the season, and this will be taken into account



Stephen Dace

CAA Team Manager