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Affiliation Fees


The CAA and SCAS affiliation fees for 2022/23 remain unchanged from 2021/22. These fees, detailed in the document below,  apply from 1 October 2022 and should be submitted during September 2022 (or shortly after new members join the club).

Membership Returns

Rather than send copies of the Archery GB forms for each member as in previous years, Clubs are asked to complete the Membership Return spreadsheet to show the names and age grouping of their members. This spreadsheet can either be sent to the County Secretary by post or by email to .

Payment of Affiliation Fees

Cheques should be made out to Cambridgeshire Archery Association, to John Gorman at 56 High Street, Aldreth, Ely Cambs CB6 3PG. The cheque should cover both the CAA and SCAS fees.

Alternatively, you can also pay the CAA and SCAS fees by Bank Transfer. If you wish to do this, please contact the County Secretary for the CAA bank details. Please also send the Secretary an email confirming that the payment has been sent and include a completed copy of the membership return spreadsheet.

Direct members do not need to complete the membership return spreadsheet. Instead, they are required to complete an application form for Direct Membership of both the CAA and SCAS. This form is also provided below. This form for direct membership should be sent to the County Secretary with the above payment process also being followed.

Fees: 2022/2023 Affiliation Fees

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Submission Spreadsheet: Club Membership Return Spreadsheet

Direct Membership: Direct Membership Application Form