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County Rankings

Starting in 2019 the CAA will be operating a county ranking system during the outdoor season. It is hoped that this will increase competition in the county, encouraging clubs to run competitions and target days, and members to get out shooting. The rules are designed to be as accessible as possible to all members whilst still providing a credible ranking. All members, whether novice or experienced, are encouraged to participate as much as they can. 

The rules are as follows:

  1. Rankings operate on an annual rolling basis.
  2. Archers submit scores to CAA records officer who will operate the ranking.
  3. Scores are converted into points as 100 minus handicap.
  4. An archer’s ranking is compiled from their three best scores over the preceding year.
  5. Archers will then be ranked in separate categories in descending order.
  6. Scores must be shot on age-appropriate rounds.
  7. Scores must come from competitions or target days.
  8. Rounds required:
    • One 9 or 12 dozen round
    • One 6 dozen round
    • One other round of at least 6 dozen

 Please submit scores via the Google form located here

Please submit scores as and when they are shot for the rankings to be regularly updated. Scores from target days should include a signed and countersigned and the scoresheet (or a photo of it) sent to the records officer. Please note that ‘age-appropriate’ is as defined by ArcheryGB or WA. WA 720 rounds are acceptable as 6 dozen rounds, as are the named (and ‘long’ and ’new’) AGB rounds.  

The rankings can be read by clicking on the following link and will be updated regularly.  - County Rankings (updated 3 - November - 19)