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The CAA selects and funds, or partly funds, county teams to compete at events throughout year. These are senior and junior teams shooting all bowstyles.
Large events include the SCAS Intercounties and National Intercounties, but we also participate in friendly events with neighbouring counties throughout the year. If you are interested in arranging an event, or are a CAA club who would be willing to host an event, please get in touch with the team manager and committee.

The criteria for team selection follows a common theme and is based on score submission from county archers. The precise nature of the scores varies depending on the type of event and is detailed below.
Archers representing the county receive a county badge and year bar for their service at the Indoor County Championships.

CAA Team


To compete as part of the CAA team archers must be:

  • Eligible
  • Suitable
  • Available


Archers must:

  • Be affiliated to both Cambridgeshire Archery Association (CAA) and Archery GB and have paid the relevant affiliation fees to both either through an associated club or directly as defined within the CAA constitution.
  • Not have shot for another county in the current membership year. (1st Oct – 30th Sept)


  • Process
    • The team for each target event will be selected based on the best three scores that have been submitted by archers via an online form.
    • Scores will be converted to handicap with archers being selected based on the lowest average handicap.
    • Archers may submit as many eligible scores as they wish.
  • The requirements on scores vary between county team events as follows:
    • Target Outdoor Matches
      • WA1440 or York/Hereford/Bristols Matches
        • The team will be selected based upon archers’ best three scores from age appropriate WA1440 or York/Hereford/Bristol rounds from the previous or current outdoor season
      • WA720 Matches (or similar imperial rounds)
        • The team will be selected based upon archers’ best three scores from their age and bowstyle appropriate WA720, WA1440, or York/Hereford/Bristol rounds from the previous or current outdoor season
    • Target Indoor Matches
      • The team will be selected based upon archers’ best three scores from any of a Portsmouth, WA18, or WA25 rounds from the previous or current indoor season
    • Field, Flight, or Clout Matches
      • As these events are less common and require additional experience they will be treated separately with specific team selection policy as suitable for the event.
  • Mixed and Junior Teams Policy
    • For junior and mixed team events selection will be done by converting archers’ average handicap into an expected score for the round to be shot. Selection will then be based on highest score whilst also satisfying any other event-specific requirements.
  • Score Eligibility
    • Scores should come from the current or previous relevant season. The outdoor season runs with the calendar year. The indoor season runs from 1st July to 30th June.
    • Scores must come from competitive events.
      • When this event is a closed club competition or target day the team manager should be informed by email of the date and time of the shoot, and the round to be shot at least seven days in advance. The collated results sheet from the day should be submitted to the team manager by the club records officer/field captain following the event.
  • Notes
    • The team manager in consultation with the CAA Executive committee will have the final choice of the team for all events. Where necessary they may override the above requirements for the purposes filling a team.
    • Where an archer feels that they have not been treated fairly as part of the team selection or that they have been discriminated against they have until the end of the season to make a complaint to the CAA Secretary in writing for their case to be heard.


  • Archers are expected to be available for county matches when called upon and should do their best to make the shoots.
  • For fixed shoots (such as the national intercounty) archers should set aside these dates in advance in the expectation that they may be called upon to shoot.
  • If an archer has to pull out of a shoot for any reason, they should let the team manager know as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made for a reserve to shoot in their place.
  • If archers are selected as a reserve, they should keep the date free in case they are called upon to shoot
  • The CAA will cover archers’ entry fees where appropriate for matches at which they are representing the county.
  • The CAA will cover travel expenses up to a reasonable amount in line with current CAA expenses policy. Claims forms will be issued following the event.

Score submission

  • Please use this form to submit scores for selection purposes.