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The Records Officer of the Cambridgeshire Archery Association keeps track of the records of the members in the affiliated clubs of the county.

County records may be shot at any competitive event. This includes Open, County, and Record Status shoots. Record claims may also be made from closed club shoots and target days, provided that they are run according to the guidelines laid out in the Archery GB Rules of Shooting (Rule 313) and that the time and date of the shoot and the rounds being shot are communicated directly, by either post or email, to the county records officer at least one week (seven days) in advance.

Claims must be received within 60 days of being shot. Please complete the form on this webpage with your club records officer and then send it in with a copy of, or link to, the full official results listing, or a fully signed and completed scoresheet from the competition to the county records officer as detailed on the form. Please note that any records shot at club shoots or target days must be accompanied by a fully signed and countersigned scoresheet.

Current County Records

The latest form for claiming a record can be found here.

Awards currently awaiting ratification

Steve BarnesBray 1Barebow 50+ Men28/01/2023249
Steve BarnesBray 1Barebow Men28/01/2023249
Amanda BakewellBray 1Barebow Women28/01/2023238
Amanda BakewellBray 1Barebow 50+ Women28/01/2023238
Jacob BurgessBray 1Compound Junior Men28/01/2023267
Scarlett ChamberlainBray 1Compound Junior Women28/01/2023212
George CarpenterBray 1Recurve Junior Men28/01/2023247
Teresa DawsonBray 1Recurve Women28/01/2023236
Teresa DawsonBray 1Recurve 50+ Women28/01/2023236
Jacob BurgessDouble PortsmouthCompound Junior Men12/02/20231094
Sophie RobertsDouble PortsmouthRecurve Junior Women12/02/20231098
Paula LangtonPortsmouthCompound 50+ Women12/02/2023547
Jacob BurgessVegasCompound Junior Men29/01/2023514
Jamie CakebreadVegas 300Barebow Men25/02/2023215
Jamie CakebreadVegas 300Barebow Men 50+25/02/2023215
Tara SheldrakeVegas 300Barebow Women25/02/2023158
Jill PattersonVegas 300Barebow Women 50+25/02/2023127
Craig OglesbyVegas 300Compound 50+ Men13/01/2023288
Chloe ChungVegas 300Compound Junior Women25/02/2023129
Craig OglesbyVegas 300Compound Men13/01/2023288
Andrew ChilderleyVegas 300Compound Men25/02/2023285
Daniel SutcliffeVegas 300Recurve Junior Men25/02/2023195
George CarpenterVegas 300Recurve Junior Men15/01/2023193
Sophie RobertsVegas 300Recurve Junior Women25/02/2023255
Andy O'HanlonVegas 300Recurve Men25/02/2023257
Nigel FoskerVegas 300Recurve Men 50+25/02/2023248
Hannah Beasley-SuffolkVegas 300Recurve Women25/02/2023261
Christine de Ferrars GreenVegas 300Recurve Women 50+25/02/2023232
Craig OglesbyWA 18mCompound 50+ Men29/01/2023552
Paula LangtonWA 18mCompound 50+ Women29/01/2023477
Jacob BurgessWA 18mCompound Junior Men22/01/2023527

Records FAQ

Most of the time knowing if you can claim a record is fairly straightforward. Sometimes, however, it can be a little complicated. Here are some FAQs and answers to cover these instances. If you are still confused after reading these then please get in touch with the records officer by email.

How do you decide what records there are?
Whilst the CAA is entitled to run its records-keeping entirely as it sees fit, where possible it follows the systems and rules of ArcheryGB.
The only difference is that county records claims may be made from non-record status events as per the guidelines above.

What are all of these different rounds, and how do I understand them?
The ArcheryGB rules of shooting has a comprehensive explanations of all of the different rounds, target types, face sizes, and how they are shot.

Can I claim the record for a single round shot as part of a double round?
Yes you can. Wherever a double round is made up of two single rounds you can claim a record for both the double and/or the single.

Can I claim a single round record for my second round in a double, or just my first?
Following changes to the AGB claims process the record for a single round may now be claimed from both the first or second round when shot as part of a double.

Can I have sighters for each round in a double, or just my first?
After seeking clarification from AGB (Robert Potts 7-3-2022) we can confirm that you may shoot sighters for each round and still claim a double record.
The only exception to this is the double WA70/60/50 rounds, where sighters are not permitted under WA rules. The judges should make this clear at a Double WA70/60/50 event, however.

When can I claim distance records?
As per the WA rulebook, the distance records (90m, 70m, 60m, 50m, 30m etc.) may only be claimed when shot as part of a WA1440 or Metric round.

Can I claim one round as part of another if it is 'nested'?
The short answer to this is no.
Following consultation with ArcheryGB if a round is embedded in another (e.g. a National of 4 Doz@60y + 2 Doz@50y inside a Western 4 Doz@60y + 4 Doz@50y) the only record that may be claimed is the one for the round which is listed on the results sheet and scoresheet.
The only exception to this is claims for the Long Metric shot as the first half of a WA1440.

What ages shoot what rounds, and how do I know if I am eligible for a record?
This can hopefully be explained to you by someone at your club, but can be a tricky minefield.
There are several useful summary sheets provided by various clubs and organisations to help you with this.
Where possible age range restrictions have been indicated on the summary sheet of each of the records files above.
If you are still in doubt please email the county records officer for further information or clarification.

I shot a Double 720 round can't see a Double 720 record for my age group. Is this missing?
No it is not.
The WA720 and its double counterpart are rounds specific to World Archery, and have rounds at different distances defined for the Junior, Cadet, and Masters categories.
ArcheryGB has devised the Metric-122 and Metric-80 rounds to accommodate more age categories at a WA720 event, but it does not recognise the Double Metric as an official round.