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The Records Officer of the Cambridgeshire Archery Association keeps track of the records of the members in the affiliated clubs of the county.

County records may be shot at any competitive event. This includes Open, County, and Record Status shoots. Record claims may also be made from closed club shoots and target days, provided that they are run according to the guidelines laid out in the Archery GB Rules of Shooting (Rule 313) and that the time and date of the shoot and the rounds being shot are communicated directly, by either post or email, to the county records officer at least one week (seven days) in advance.

Claims must be received within 60 days of being shot, and can be claimed online here, or by printing and returning the form here. Full details of the eligibility, requirements and claims process can be found in the Records Policy section below.

Current County Records

Awards currently awaiting ratification

Jacob BurgessWA 50mCompound Junior Men17/06/2023535
Jacob BurgessCompound MatchCompound Junior Men17/06/2023110
Jacob BurgessMetric 1Compound Junior Men18/06/2023874
Jacob Burgess70m Distance (122 cm face)Compound Junior Men18/06/2023282
Jacob Burgess60m Distance (122cm face)Compound Junior Men18/06/2023297
Jacob Burgess50m Distance (80 cm face)Compound Junior Men18/06/2023295
Nigel FoskerWesternRecurve 50+ Men30/07/2023720
Steve BarnesWesternBarebow 50+ Men30/07/2023680
Lee CareyNationalBarebow Men12/08/2023518
Steve BarnesShort Metric 1Barebow Men01/07/2023497
Shaun MyhillBristol 1Recurve 50+ Men29/07/2023924
Andy BurgessWesternLongbow 50+ Men03/09/2023385
Eva DuferMetric 122-40Recurve Junior Women26/08/2023581
Jenna GrahamShort Metric 2Recurve Junior Women03/09/2023437
Amelia JacobsShort Metric 5Recurve Junior Women03/09/2023506
Ellyse YoungShort Metric 3Recurve Junior Women03/09/2023557
Christine de Ferrars GreenNationalRecurve 50+ Women29/07/2023458
Christine de Ferrars GreenWesternRecurve 50+ Women30/07/2023657
Denise HatherlyBristol 2Recurve 50+ Women29/07/2023830
Chloe CheungBristol 5Compound Junior Women02/07/20231244
Chloe CheungWestern 30Compound Junior Women27/08/2023803
Oliver DellarShort Metric 4Barebow Junior Men03/09/2023241
Elizabeth MoateShort Metric 5Barebow Junior Women03/09/2023136
Abby CalderShort Metric 5Compound Junior Women03/09/2023534
Craig OglesbyBristol 1Compound 50+ Men17/09/20231120
Sophie RobertsBristol 2Recurve Junior Women17/09/20231220
Sophie RobertsWA 60mRecurve Junior Women24/09/2023646
Sophie RobertsDouble WA 60mRecurve Junior Women24/09/20231276

Records Policy

1         Role of the County Records Officer

The primary role of County Records Officer is to administer and maintain the set of Cambridgeshire County Records, representing the best scores shot by CAA members.

2         Eligibility

2.1         Archers

All archers affiliated to Cambridgeshire Archery Association can claim county records.

2.2        Events

County archers can claim records claim shot at any competition, from local county tournaments up to international events. Tournaments need to be shot in line with the ArcheryGB or World Archery Rules of Shooting.

Club target days can be used to claim County records, but only if certain criteria are met –

  • The Target Day is run as defined in Rule 313, which includes the stipulation that the event is shot according to the Rules of Shooting, implying that -
    • This should be an organised event, announced in advance, not a spontaneous decision of a few people to shoot a round. In order to enforce this rule, CAA requires that the County Records Officer is notified at least 7 days in advance of the event, including details of the round(s) to be shot.
    • Everyone will be shooting rounds in the same round family.
    • Rules about scoring should be followed, with people not scoring their own arrows, scores recorded and witness on a scoresheet, and countersigned.
    • There should be someone filling the role of judge, able to resolve disputes, and modify scores as would be the case in a competition. This person does not need to be officially qualified as a judge, but should enforce the Rules of Shooting.
  • Any claims arising from the target day should -
    • Include copies of the signed scoresheets
    • Be certified by a club official who was present at the event who can vouch for the above rules being followed. This certification can take the form of a signature on the claim form, or via email.

2.3         Rounds

CAA follows the round eligibility criteria set out in Rule 308c in the ArcheryGB Rules of Shooting, with the following exceptions -

  • 50+ archers may claim County records in all outdoor round families by shooting one round below the corresponding Men/Women round. All indoor rounds are eligible for 50+ records.
  • Some legacy records in currently ineligible rounds remain on the record books from periods where different criteria were in effect. New claims will not be accepted for those records.

Records that are available to claim are shown in white in the summary tables in the record documents. Unclaimable records are grey.

Archers may claim records for any category that they are eligible for. For example, juniors may claim records for older age groups, up to and including the adult (21-49) category. 50+ archers may also claim records as under 50 adults too.

2.4        Timing

Records must be claimed within 60 days of being shot.

3         Process

3.1         Submission

Records can be submitted in 3 ways -

  • Online – The CAA website provides an online form where scores can be submitted.
  • On paper – A form can be downloaded from the CAA website which the archer can fill in the details of the claim and return by post to the County Records Officer.
  • Batch submission – For events that generate a large number of claims (such as large tournaments or events shooting rarely-shot rounds) the County Records Officer can provide a spreadsheet for the batch submission of record claims. For club target days, this still requires the certification as described above to confirm the adherence to the Rules of Shooting.

All claims must be accompanied by appropriate evidence of the score -

  • For open tournaments – preferably a link to or copy of the official published results of the event. Alternatively, a copy of the signed and counter-signed scoresheet(s) from the event can be provided.
  • For club target days – a valid scoresheet, signed by the archer and scorer, certified as described above.

3.2         Ratification Process

After records are accepted by the County Records Officer, and assessed to be valid claims, the scores will be publicly shown on the CAA website for a minimum of 21 days. During this period, other CAA archers can inspect those scores and raise any queries or objections they have with the County Records Officer. After this period has elapsed, the record claims will be transferred to the official record books.

In order to ensure the integrity of the records system, records are then further scrutinised and  ratified at the following CAA committee meeting. CAA committee members will satisfy themselves about the validity of the claims and may request further information about the circumstances of the claims in order to ensure all the rules and processes were followed. Records may be “rolled-back” if they do not pass this final ratification check.

Records FAQ

Most of the time knowing if you can claim a record is fairly straightforward. Sometimes, however, it can be a little complicated. Here are some FAQs and answers to cover these instances. If you are still confused after reading these then please get in touch with the records officer by email.

How do you decide what records there are?
Whilst the CAA is entitled to run its records-keeping entirely as it sees fit, where possible it follows the systems and rules of ArcheryGB.
The only difference is that county records claims may be made from non-record status events as per the guidelines above, and that 50+ archers may claim a wider range of rounds.

What are all of these different rounds, and how do I understand them?
The ArcheryGB rules of shooting contains the official descriptions of all of the different rounds, target types, face sizes, and how they are shot. Also, see this beginners' guide.

Can I claim the record for a single round shot as part of a double round?
Yes you can. Wherever a double round is made up of two single rounds you can claim a record for both the double and/or the single.

Can I claim a single round record for my second round in a double, or just my first?
Following changes to the AGB claims process the record for a single round may now be claimed from both the first or second round when shot as part of a double.

Can I have sighters for each round in a double, or just my first?
After seeking clarification from AGB (Robert Potts 7-3-2022) we can confirm that you may shoot sighters for each round and still claim a double record.
The only exception to this is the double WA70/60/50 rounds, where sighters are not permitted under WA rules. The judges should make this clear at a Double WA70/60/50 event, however.

When can I claim distance records?
As per the WA rulebook, the distance records (90m, 70m, 60m, 50m, 30m etc.) may only be claimed when shot as part of an category-appropriate WA1440 or age-appropriate Metric 1-5 rounds. Individual distances in Short or Long Metric rounds are not eligible.

Can I claim one round as part of another if it is 'nested'?
The short answer to this is no.
Following consultation with ArcheryGB if a round is embedded in another (e.g. a National of 4 Doz@60y + 2 Doz@50y inside a Western 4 Doz@60y + 4 Doz@50y) the only record that may be claimed is the one for the round which is listed on the results sheet and scoresheet.
The only exception to this is claims for the Long Metric shot as the first half of a WA1440.

What ages shoot what rounds, and how do I know if I am eligible for a record?
This can hopefully be explained to you by someone at your club, but can be a tricky minefield.
There are several useful summary sheets provided by various clubs and organisations to help you with this.
Where possible age range restrictions have been indicated on the summary sheet of each of the records files above.
If you are still in doubt please email the county records officer for further information or clarification.

I shot a Double 720 round can't see a Double 720 record for my age group. Is this missing?
No it is not.
The WA720 and its double counterpart are rounds specific to World Archery, and have rounds at different distances defined for the U21, U18, and 50+ categories.
ArcheryGB has devised the Metric-122 and Metric-80 rounds to accommodate more age categories at a WA720 event, but it does not recognise the Double variants of those rounds.