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CAA Summer League

The CAA Summer League is a competition that has been set up during summer 2020 whilst shooting is scarce and competitions non-existent to keep up motivation and involvement with your pastime, club, and county.

The rules are intentionally simple as follows:

  • Shoot 3 dozen (36) arrows at any target face at any distance.
  • Submit the score and details via the online google form.
  • Repeat every fortnight (midnight Friday deadline).

Scores will be converted to an accuracy based metric, and then into a WA720 70m score for comparison. Archers will be sorted into divisions based upon the entries received. They will receive points for their placing in the division each week. At the end of the league the final positions will be decided based upon a subset of the stages, so don't worry if you miss one.

Stages and results are as follows:

  • Stage 1 -- 21/7 - 7/8 -- Results
  • Stage 2 -- 8/8 - 21/8 -- Results
  • Stage 3 -- 22/8 - 4/9 -- Results
  • Stage 4 -- 5/9 - 18/9 -- Results
  • Stage 5 -- 19/9 - 2/10 -- Results
  • Final Results (Based on an archer's best three stages, tie breakers on aggregate score).