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County Team/Match’s update

Sorry there has been no update until now in regards to the county team and potential matches this has mainly been due to the relevant people over the surrounding counties being on holiday. Although I did not think taking on the role would be an easy role to fill I do have to say “hats off to my predecessors”, it is not easy getting matches arranged with our surrounding counties.

So here is where we are so far, I have been in talks with Herts, Beds and Lincs and with the help of Herts County we have devised a plan to try and arrange an indoor league including the above counties. There are a lot of items still to discuss, venues, clubs willing to hold the shoot and the rules of the league. Herts have offered to get to gather a draft set of rules and I am hoping to have a copy of these soon, venues are to be arranged by each of the counties involved so they will host at least one shoot. I have been very keen to set this up as an annual event and so far this is also something the other counties are also interested in doing. The indoor season however is soon to be upon us and there is a lot to sort, I will keep in contact with the other counties and am hopeful we will be on target for the league this indoor season. If for whatever reason this is not possible I will try and get it all agreed for next indoor season as we should have all the rules in place and counties all on board for the shoot. I do however have a match pencilled in with Herts so we should as a county get at least one shoot in this winter.

Clubs, we need your support in being able to make any county matches possible by providing the venue, labour, equipment and scoring. If any clubs would be interested in supporting us with this please let me know and we can discuss this further. The SCAS champs will also be looking for a summer venue as was not held this summer season as no offers were made to run it so again if interested please contact me.

Archers, I am now looking for archers that would be interested in shooting for the county to get in contact with me. If you wish to be considered for the Cambridgeshire squad you need to:

  • Hold a 1st class (or above) classification
  • Submit scores from competitions to:
  • Ensure you are available for the county competitions: dates will be published on the CAA website as soon as they have been confirmed.

Look forward to hopefully giving you good news soon on the league and looking forward to receiving all your emails wishing to shoot for the county.

Stephen Dace

County Team Manager

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