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Griffin Archers is the new name for Invictus Bowmen

From 1st April 2019 there is a new name in Archery, Griffin Archers of Peterborough. Formerly known as Invictus Bowmen the club have changed their name, whilst retaining their overall club ethos, community base, inclusive membership and overall family feeling.

The name has changed to Griffin Archers predominantly to avoid any confusion with either The Invictus Trust or The Invictus Foundation, both of whom the club support wholeheartedly but have never actually been a part of. In fact we have members who have competed in the Invictus Games and remain part of Help for Heroes, so we retain a good relationship with disabled sports.

Griffin Archers will remain a firm fixture at The Focus Centre, Peterborough and welcomes enquiries and visits from any prospective, interested or existing archers alike. Our coaches are happy to help with anything from performance archery skills to basic shooting competence and have experience with juniors, disabilities and those elusive teens!

As an inclusive club, Griffin Archers are totally accessible and able to accommodate any specific needs. We have found that Archery is a very welcoming sport that allows the individual archer to attain personal success at whatever level they wish to pursue. Its formality and routine give comfort to those who struggle with mental health and physical issues and every Griffin Archer quickly becomes part of our proud and supportive Griffin family.

As Griffins are mythical creatures with the head of an eagle and the lower body of a lion. This makes them masters of the air, and kings of the land. They have been considered as courageous and as military leaders which maintains the military connection established by Invictus Bowmen due to the military service of its founder and many of its members. Griffins also connect us to our community in Peterborough, as the towns Coat of Arms is a duo of Griffins guarding the crossed keys to the gates of heaven given to the town’s cathedral by St Peter at its dedication!

So, with our strong new name and our archers getting out and about to compete more and more we are evolving from a club built of Novices to Team Griffin! Watch out for the purple, black and silver, competing near you soon.

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