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Great news - we have 3 JMB’S in the county, well done to Florence Levitt (Flo) who has achieved her first JMB (first of many I am sure), Harry Tapp and Daniel Dace (well done son) who have both achieved a second JMB. It goes to show that all the hard work and effort can reap great results. I know how much time and effort they have put into their archery with coaching and practice on the range rain and shine. It would also be worth mentioning their sponsors who have a vital role in helping their archers achieve the results they have, so thank you parents for all your hard work and commitment. I would also like to congratulate Harry on two other great achievements, bronze medal at the Youth festival at Lilleshall and for his acceptance onto National Academy for his age group. This is a great achievement and involves a lot of hard work and commitment both for archer and parents, well done Harry and wishing you all the best on this exciting journey.

Sorry I don’t have any photo of them to post but difficult to get them all together in one place.

Well done guys and keep up the good work.

Stephen Dace
County Team Manager

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Cheyanne is 10 years old, a disabled archer, and shoots at Invictus Bowman and Vivacity Archery. Read about her archery dreams here.

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Jolly Archers compound team have won the BA Frostbite winter postal league Division 1. The team which consisted of Steve Haynes, Lynn Gray, Richard Bowles and John Gorman won 4 matches and drew one, but that was enough to win the top league and the trophy- the Greatwood Plate.

Congratulations to all who made the team and lets do the same again next year.

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Six Cambridgeshire archers attended the SCAS/Bedfordshire Double WA1440 record status shoot on the weekend of 15/16 July. The weather on the Saturday was overcast with rain for a couple hours through the day and the wind was on the tricky side between 10-15 mph. The weather on Sunday was a little better with lighter winds and the rain stayed away till prize giving.

Considering we only had six archers attending, as a county and personally for the archers we had quite a bit of success.

  • Eleanor Brug of Cambridge City Bowmen won the Ladies Double recurve and also won all the 4 best distance score awards.
  • Steve Haynes of Jolly Archers came third in the Mens Double compound, won the 50m distance best score award and also got his second GMB score.
  • Lynn Gray of Jolly Archers came first in the Ladies Single WA1440 compound.
  • Anke Hannemann of Cambridge City Bowmen came third in the Ladies Single WA1440 recurve.
  • Daniel Dace of Netherhall Archers came first in the single Metric 1 recurve.

Well done to all the above archers.

Also on the same weekend Fakenham Archery club held its FITA weekend and we had quite a number of archers from the county attending this shoot, lets hope they also had a successful weekend (and someone also sends in a report, hint hint).

Hopefully the results from these and other shoots will help in selecting a Cambridgeshire County team for future inter county matches, but we still need more Cambridgeshire archers venturing out of club shooting and gaining experience in competition, its not scary and is a great way to test the skills you have been practising at your clubs.

Hope to see some more of you on the “circuit” soon.

Steve Haynes

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Netherhall Archers (Juniors A team) win their league for second year running, well done guys! They were from the start dominating in their league putting in some very impressive scores. Isabel Lee shot the highest JG score in all the league matches and Max Harris shot highest score in one of the league matches. The second team Netherhall had in the postal unfortunately had one archer who was unable to shoot this meant is would have been a near miracle for them to win the league. However they shot well under the circumstances and came 5th this would have been a different mater however with a full team, one of the B team archers shot top scores on two occasions, so well done to those involved in both the A and B team. Below are months and scores Netherhall juniors topped the league excluding the B team.

Isabel Lee        Max Harris     

Nov 542            Dec 542          

Dec 561                                     

Jan 552

Feb 560

Mar 552

Anyone interested in entering this competition through this winter season please do as it is easy to run and the admin is minimal, it would be great to see more of our county clubs entering the league. The only thing to be aware of it is a large undertaking for the organiser and league scores results do take a while to be release. Please see link below if interested.

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Hello County,

Following the county AGM on the 26th July I was appointed the post of County Team Manager, a role I am honoured and excited to be holding. I am hoping that with the support of county archers and clubs we will be able to build a strong competitive team able to hold their own when shooting against other counties. I aim to have county team selection criteria agreed and published by the end of July and am already looking forward to hearing from prospective archers. I am not hopeful we will be able to arrange any matches for the outdoor season as the other counties I have spoken to have fixtures already arranged, so this is a work in progress for next year this. I am hoping however to arrange an indoor county match that I am already discussing with prospective counties.

Clubs, the county also need your support as to make matches possible we may need to host them in county, this to my knowledge has not happened for several years and we have always travelled out of county. I do appreciate that running a competition is hard work and maybe as it is for the county more than one club could run a shoot to share the workload. The matches are likely to be for county teams only so the hard work will be for county. Without clubs supporting the team and offering to run shoots it is likely to be difficult to get the matches needed to help develop our county as a force to be reckoned with. If any clubs are interested in helping the county please contact me and we can discuss further.

Looking forward to hearing from you, archers and clubs

Stephen Dace

County Team Manager

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Cambridgeshire had probably a record turnout this year at this prestigious event and it was great to see them there on the day. Day one started dull with a chill in the wind however the sun did come out and brightened the day up making for a great days shooting. At the end of the Metric rounds three juniors had fantastic scores gaining them their second JMB scores, first score gained at I believe the Netherhall World Archery weekend. Day two was imperial rounds and started sunny with a slight breeze that changed direction throughout the day making shooting interesting but not difficult. Three of our archers were potentially up for their third JMB score so no doubt this was on their minds. As the day progressed the temperature started to rise and plenty of fluids were needed to keep the archers hydrated and sun screen to stop burning. All archers from the county put in some really good shooting and held their own against some of the country’s top juniors, the big news is that once forms have been sent and scores have been verified by AGB we will probably have another record in the county. Three JMB’s yes that’s three so a very big well done to all our archers.

Once verified and I have permission from them I will update on who the archers are who have gained a JMB.

Well the Junior Outdoor Nationals 2017 are now all a distant memory and planning is underway for next years that are to be held on the 6-7 July 2018, we hope to see more of the counties juniors at this shoot next year

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Philip and David have just completed their Level 1 Coach qualifications - congratulations to both of them!

Lots of changes have happened at this Local Community Peterborough Archery Club. Our all-inclusive, community ethos, gives us a unique appeal to everyone.

We run regular free taster sessions and beginners courses at a nominal charge. Our coaching team is now able to offer regular advice and help during our club meetings and we are just about to offer “Beyond Beginners” BOOST archery sessions for all our members who wish to improve techniques or discover some useful hints and tips from our dedicated coaching team. All run by Robyn Searle a competent Level 1 coach who has just returned from 3 years and university and despite her youth has been coaching in excess of 5 years, and shooting since she was 6 years old. Alongside her Dad, mentor, Level 2 coach and proud father she is hoping to get some of our archers out and about in the county at competitions and shoots! Look out for our purple shirts!!!

Contact Di Searle – for more details.

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Friday 30th June saw our end of month shoot take on a playful twist. Our Level One coaches, Philip and David, designed and developed a game of Battleships. This involved the bosses being divided into quarters and then the archers were given their battleship targets to pin on wherever they thought they would be most tricky for their opponent to hit and sink! There was then a single mine placed in the centre, if all boats are sunk the first archer to shoot and hit the mine gets an explosive win. Then the shooting begun and the various tactics were put on trial, although one archer did try to place all their opponents targets on top of each other so he could destroy them all at once!

Much hilarity and shouts of “You sunk my battleship” ensued as the archers chose who to shoot against in the first round. Juniors against seniors and recurve against compound, the battleships, aircraft carriers and assorted vessels had small enough targets that it was tricky to work out if you’d hit your opponent’s ship before scoring even for the most skilled archers at 20metres.

By the end of the first round we had one boss that had to have a shoot off, closest to the mine wins. Our two archers Tom and Roy had an excited audience and as Tom missed Roy managed to hit the centre first go. Much cheering and excitement as then we had a winner’s boss and the losers all paired up to have another try.

The four winners who squared off for the final battle were Richie, Hannah, David and Roy. Hannah gave a good fight for the females and the juniors, but ultimately our compound archer Richie took the title of overall winner. Oliver was our juniors at 10metres overall winner, but Rayon put up a great battle. At the end, certificates and sweets were handed out to the winners and the most spectacular miss was awarded to Tom who took his certificate and sweets in great humour.

Invictus Bowmen have regular monthly shoots where we try and challenge our members with new rounds and new possibilities. Everyone had a great time at Battleships and a few who couldn’t make it have already requested a rematch.

Invictus Bowmen run regular free taster sessions at The Focus Community Centre, Peterborough, and provide all the equipment for everyone to have a go. If you think you may be interested contact Di Searle, club secretary, to book your taster: / 01354 659063

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