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Invictus Bowmen went to battle in Peterborough

Friday 30th June saw our end of month shoot take on a playful twist. Our Level One coaches, Philip and David, designed and developed a game of Battleships. This involved the bosses being divided into quarters and then the archers were given their battleship targets to pin on wherever they thought they would be most tricky for their opponent to hit and sink! There was then a single mine placed in the centre, if all boats are sunk the first archer to shoot and hit the mine gets an explosive win. Then the shooting begun and the various tactics were put on trial, although one archer did try to place all their opponents targets on top of each other so he could destroy them all at once!

Much hilarity and shouts of “You sunk my battleship” ensued as the archers chose who to shoot against in the first round. Juniors against seniors and recurve against compound, the battleships, aircraft carriers and assorted vessels had small enough targets that it was tricky to work out if you’d hit your opponent’s ship before scoring even for the most skilled archers at 20metres.

By the end of the first round we had one boss that had to have a shoot off, closest to the mine wins. Our two archers Tom and Roy had an excited audience and as Tom missed Roy managed to hit the centre first go. Much cheering and excitement as then we had a winner’s boss and the losers all paired up to have another try.

The four winners who squared off for the final battle were Richie, Hannah, David and Roy. Hannah gave a good fight for the females and the juniors, but ultimately our compound archer Richie took the title of overall winner. Oliver was our juniors at 10metres overall winner, but Rayon put up a great battle. At the end, certificates and sweets were handed out to the winners and the most spectacular miss was awarded to Tom who took his certificate and sweets in great humour.

Invictus Bowmen have regular monthly shoots where we try and challenge our members with new rounds and new possibilities. Everyone had a great time at Battleships and a few who couldn’t make it have already requested a rematch.

Invictus Bowmen run regular free taster sessions at The Focus Community Centre, Peterborough, and provide all the equipment for everyone to have a go. If you think you may be interested contact Di Searle, club secretary, to book your taster: / 01354 659063

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