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BA Postal League Winners

Netherhall Archers (Juniors A team) win their league for second year running, well done guys! They were from the start dominating in their league putting in some very impressive scores. Isabel Lee shot the highest JG score in all the league matches and Max Harris shot highest score in one of the league matches. The second team Netherhall had in the postal unfortunately had one archer who was unable to shoot this meant is would have been a near miracle for them to win the league. However they shot well under the circumstances and came 5th this would have been a different mater however with a full team, one of the B team archers shot top scores on two occasions, so well done to those involved in both the A and B team. Below are months and scores Netherhall juniors topped the league excluding the B team.

Isabel Lee        Max Harris     

Nov 542            Dec 542          

Dec 561                                     

Jan 552

Feb 560

Mar 552

Anyone interested in entering this competition through this winter season please do as it is easy to run and the admin is minimal, it would be great to see more of our county clubs entering the league. The only thing to be aware of it is a large undertaking for the organiser and league scores results do take a while to be release. Please see link below if interested.

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