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Message from our County Team Manager

Hello County,

Following the county AGM on the 26th July I was appointed the post of County Team Manager, a role I am honoured and excited to be holding. I am hoping that with the support of county archers and clubs we will be able to build a strong competitive team able to hold their own when shooting against other counties. I aim to have county team selection criteria agreed and published by the end of July and am already looking forward to hearing from prospective archers. I am not hopeful we will be able to arrange any matches for the outdoor season as the other counties I have spoken to have fixtures already arranged, so this is a work in progress for next year this. I am hoping however to arrange an indoor county match that I am already discussing with prospective counties.

Clubs, the county also need your support as to make matches possible we may need to host them in county, this to my knowledge has not happened for several years and we have always travelled out of county. I do appreciate that running a competition is hard work and maybe as it is for the county more than one club could run a shoot to share the workload. The matches are likely to be for county teams only so the hard work will be for county. Without clubs supporting the team and offering to run shoots it is likely to be difficult to get the matches needed to help develop our county as a force to be reckoned with. If any clubs are interested in helping the county please contact me and we can discuss further.

Looking forward to hearing from you, archers and clubs

Stephen Dace

County Team Manager

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